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My first experience of nature was going on year 8 survival camp, it was a bit of a shock at first leaving the comforts of my home and surroundings but after a day or so I was able to get used to it. I suppose you had to get used to it because we went to Eildon for a week, hundreds of kilometres away from home and we were in no situation to leave or just walk away, we had to survive.  ‘Survival camp’ was a great team building experience for us young people, we were able to experience the wilderness at its highest, the wildlife and plant life.  I remember being told to set up camp furthest away from Australian native gum trees because in dangerous weather they have a habit of falling down or loosing branches.  We sometimes set up camp in the pitch black of the night and then got up in the early hours of the following morning to pack up camp before breakfast to set off for the next adventure.   I learnt so much on these camps and I ate well compared to back home because of the rawness and less processed foods we consumed but also the wide availability of fresh air, it did me good. 

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Hello Melbourne! Hope you’re all having a great week. Melbourne Summer is really ramping up in it’s last few weeks, and luckily there’s a whole bunch of outdoorsy type activities for us all to revel in! As a reminder, I can never fit in EVERYTHING into this weekly post, but I do have the events calendar up above if you’re ever short on things to do.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – free performances

Over the next few days the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is hosting free performances at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl from 7pm. Tonight’s performance is:

  • East Side Story
  • Wednesday 13 February
  • Dvořák Czech Suite  Bartók Piano Concerto No.3  Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4
  • Ainars Rubikis conductor  Alexey Yemtsov piano

It’s first come first serve, with further performances listed here

Southgate Cinema – Free Movies

Tonight Southgate Cinema will be screening Amelie for free from 9pm. Very much first come first served, with more screenings on…

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Huge crowds in the Vatican cheered Pope Benedict XVI Wednesday as he made his first public appearance since announcing his resignation at the end of the month.

He thanked the Roman Catholic faithful in several languages and said it was not appropriate for him to continue as pope.

“I’ve decided to resign the ministry given to me by the Lord. I’ve done this in full freedom, for the benefit of the Church,” he told those gathered in a Vatican City audience hall for his regular weekly appearance.

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Busy week-end

Hello Precious followers,

I had the busiest week-end ever!  I managed to be out of the house by 9am yesterday morning to go to The Big Design market which was held over Friday, Saturday & Sunday @ The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.   I spend an hour and a half there looking at the craft, clothes, jewellery and bits & pieces which were lovely.  Next i worked 5.5 hours which was unpleasant because of the heat & because i was doing ice-creamery.

Today i was out of the house at 10.30am to have a 1/2 hour driving lesson then i was meeting my friend for a walk along the Yarra & near Dights Falls which was peaceful.

After that i worked for 5.5 hours again & now i am at home constructing this.  This week i won’t be working till next Sunday.

Nothing really exciting has happened recently or i haven’t done any cooking so this is all i have to write.




Hello Everyone,

I am sorry that i haven’t posted in a while i have been caught up with, exams, post exams, issues of my own, technology & being generally busy.

Exams went well, i recieved consistent grades.  My 3/4 subject Geography, went well,  i felt. The day of the exam i did some cramming of Malaria Distribution Maps & Darebin Parkland maps and got in to the exam and realised that there were no map labelling which i needed to do.  This was a relief.

I have now been on holidays for 2 weeks and have been keeping busy.  I have had few late morning sleep ins because i like to have structure to my day, because structure keeps me going, keeps me alive!                                                                                                On the first week end i was determined to buy myself a new phone and i was keen to get an Iphone 4s.  However they are soooooooo expensive for a student who has not much of an income, so my mum swayed me into buying second hand.  I was looking on a website called ‘’ where you can buy, sell or get things for free.  I was looking for an iphone which didn’t look dodgy or suspicious, i found one, did some calling then met the guy with the phone in the city with mum.  Once in there i did some basic checks such as putting in my sim card, turning it off/on, playing music, making a call/receiving a call & checking for cracks or scratches.  I ended up buying it for $450 which is a good price for an iphone which is only 14 months old.

I have also visited my Great Aunt who lives on the Sandrinham Line, it was last week when it was one of the hottest days.  We went to the Oasis Bakery in Murrumbeena which was a mix of Middle Eastern & European cuisines which was lovely.  Also attached to that there is a wholesale shop which sells everything and more from the bakery.  This was my heaven.  I ended up spending jusr over $20 whereas my aunt spent way over $50, i was like woah?!?   I bought blood orange yogurt, nougat (for my mum for Christmas) & Chocolate Sticks for dad.                                                                                  Later on we went to the beach which was blisssss. It was hot but not so hot that it was unbearable. The water was refreshing and so was my blood orange yogurt & homemade iced tea :) 

I worked on the weekend for a full day which was nice for a change. However i worked in Ice-creamery & the day was stinkin hot which was very unpleasent.

This week i have done alot.

Monday night was celebration night, so rehearsals from 8.15am-1pm yay!, This was followed by Lunch @ the Hopeton Tea Rooms in the Melbourne Block Arcade, which was absoulutely delicious!   Tuesday night i went to see Missy Higgins live @ The Palais in St. Kilda which was AMAZING! Wednesday was a volunteers lunch @ a lovely cafe named Apte (A Place To Eat) in Alphington.  Thursday i dropped a CV into the block arcade because i am currently looking for a new job, i met my mum in Fairfield for a good Vanilla Slice, then i came home and got craking on making clay beads for jewellery :)

This has been my week so far.   I will post again soonish, i just haven’t really had much to say lately but have felt i have neglected my blog a bit too much.

Photos of my adventures will follow :)